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Futuristic. Strategic. Driven. Intuitive. Well-connected... love to build, grow and connect the dots!

I am a visionary, strategy, innovation, growth, GTM & BD professional for startups & scaleups focused on building amazing products and unconventional ventures. I also advise large enterprises.
Passionate about emerging high/deep tech, fintech/crypto/cryptech, DeFi, NFTs, metaverse & empowering innovative & disruptive ventures to hyper-growth, & helping authentic founders with purpose, X-mindset and bold noble visions to strive & flourish in today's highly competitive & digital modern ecosystem "glocally".


I build, transform & grow businesses, like my own.

I am moved by purpose, passion & compassion... and simplicity of doing good.

Smart money follows purpose, grit, determination, unique value add and well designed monetization & GTM/user acquisition and customer experience strategies.


Nina Knox has over 20+ years of international experience working with entrepreneurs, investors, startups, Forbes 2000/Fortune 500 and top professional services/consulting firms (all Big 4) globally.

Passionate about disruptive innovation and deep tech, building authentic brands and hyper-growth ventures with a purpose and infrastructural/network effect.

Crypto, data & emotional intelligence advocate. Growth mindset and bold thinking is a part of my DNA.

Entrepreneur & intrapreneur at heart. Startup, female and youth "builder". 

Frequent conference speaker & ambassador for inclusive leadership & talent diversity in business & emerging tech/crypto ecosystems.

I don't live in a fantasy world of hyped-up valuations,  not looking for magic "unicorns" 🦄🦄 or piles of 💰💰, nor do I chase 🌈🌈, or building imaginary 🏰🏰 in the air... I prefer to keep it real and focus on what matters most - substance...and meaningful authentic relationships.

I am looking for hidden solid "gems" 💎💎 -- young early-stage startups or amazing ideas with high network effect potential/scale-ups with futuristic intriguing business models, I call them "my cubs" 🦁🦁.  They will be agile and fast like "hummingbirds" and grow organically like "pearls"... have a bold vision, "big picture" thinking, noble purpose, don’t follow and stand out from the crowd, "hungry" for an alternative, not afraid to challenge "status quo", unstoppable, driven, passionate, hard working... yet patient, persistent, and resilient... and ultimately will change the world to be a better place for "now" and future generations to come.

...and I will make sure to guide, protect and watch them grow. Sustainable hyper growth and smart money will follow.

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Passionate about building & growing scalable, sustainable, ethical & compliant businesses & ventures across various industries & verticals "glocally", including but not limited to fintech, cryptech and healthtech.

Special interest in true disruptive models & authentic brands with real purpose & "ecosystems" & networks powered by emerging tech, as well as protocol, infrastructural & network effect business models that lead to exponential growth.


Growth & futurism is my mindset. Connecting the dots is my super power. Empowering others is my gift.


Building meaningful relationships is my currency. My global network is my pride. Kindness is my "weakness".

Bold thinking and tech are in my DNA. Humanity and EI are at the heart of everything I do.


Co-Founder of Tokenplace

Strategic Advisor to LedgerScore



EY & Foreign Investment Advisory Council (FIAC)


Marsh & McLennan


Dun & Bradstreet


Top Ledger & WealthYou (Co-Founder)

Fintech Revolution: Transformative Financial Services and Strategies | Wharton Business School

Leading Professional Services Firms Execution Education | Harvard Business School Executive Education Program

Law Degree | Lomonosov Moscow State University